About Us

AFAraújo & Associados, SA is a banking and financial institution governed by the rules of conduct and prudential requirements established by Banco de Portugal. Operating in Portugal and abroad, the aim of its business is to monitor and enhance the economic potential of companies by redefining their strategy. Our activity also focuses on the scrupulous and cost-effective management of the financial assets of private and institutional entities, according to the profile of the investor concerned.

Our position in the market tallies with an innovative Anglo-Saxon-driven concept of “Global Banking Advisory“, since our work is that of a true banking and financial ADVISOR. It is not merely an advisory function, but rather a monitoring role involving constant interaction. We seek to maximize and make better use of our clients’ main assets; to leverage all their business potential; to shape the most appropriate financial solutions, in the areas of investment, treasury management and reorganization of liabilities; to rationalize the cost structure and negotiations with suppliers; resize the staff structure; redefine the corporate strategy and renegotiate financial and other liabilities.

Our operating model implemented in the market is governed by two key criteria:

  • An Anglo-Saxon concept of intermediation between our clients and entities that gravitate around them, including financial institutions;
  • A logics of management and optimisation of our clients’ assets, offering banking and financial advisory services.
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AFAraújo & Associados, SA aims to be the prime banking and financial ADVISOR of private, institutional and corporate entities, providing a differentiating, highly skilled service based on commitment and closeness with our clients.
Our mission is to operate ALONGSIDE our clients, with banks and other financial services, constantly searching for and uncompromisingly defending the interests of our clients. In a way, we want to be regarded as the prime “bank” of our private, institutional and corporate clients, to maximize assets, leverage businesses and promote their activity, by shaping and diagnosing the most suitable solutions for each individual case.
We are committed to supporting companies through the most appropriate means to develop their businesses, expand their client portfolio, their exporting and internationalization capacity, always in line with a rationale of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As regards private clients, we seek to promote the cost-effectiveness of their assets, according to the risk profile of each investor, by regularly advising them and constantly searching for solutions.

Our services to institutions involve entering into banking and financial services agreements, in substantially better terms for their associates.

Finally, we aim to provide our clients with a vast national and international business network, taking advantage of our active association and participation in various trade and industrial associations and chambers of commerce of many countries.

The profile of our company and staff is very high and focused on standards of professional ethics, governed by the legislative framework applicable to banks, particularly as regards efficient, balanced and prudential management.

We scrupulously undertake to inform all our clients on the advantages and possible drawbacks of financial solutions recommended for each case, as well as on the proportionality of collateral that needs to be provided to meet the costs and amounts involved.

We permanently monitor fees and financial costs applied by the banking system to our clients and also assess their suitability and appropriateness.

Our Team

Our team is cohesive and highly skilled in all aspects of the banking and financial business, providing stringent advice to our clients and always committed to obtaining true added-value for them.

  • António Araújo

    Position: CEO
    References: Former Member of the Board of Directors of an Angolan bank; Commercial General Manager and Founder of Banco Millennium Angola; Commercial General Manager of Millennium BCP; Law Degree; Postgraduate in Banking and Insurance Law.

    Célia Rodrigues

    Position: Hosting Manager
    References: Administrative and Financial Area Responsible. Experience in marketing and event organization. Degree in Human Relations and Work Communication.