Corporate Entities, Local Government Bodies and Foundations

- Cooperation protocols with chambers of commerce, corporate bodies, state agencies, local government bodies and foundations;
- Provide highly skilled financial and commercial services;
- Asset management

Protocols on Service Provision

- Providing strategic partnerships with trade and industrial associations;
- Providing associates with the best bank and financial investment options;
- Disseminate among associates an excellent business network;
- High potential financial solutions.

Support to the Internationalisation of Companies

- AFAraújo &
Associados SA has a vast network of contacts with high business potential foreign entities for our exporting companies or for companies or for companies entering new markets.

Solutions for Private Clients / Affluent

- Expert advice on financial asset management;
- Support to investments;
- Asset management;
- Restructure of debts;
- Sale or purchase of assets.

Solutions for Private Banking and Asset Management

- Maximising cost-effectiveness in financial asset management;
-Carefully harmonising asset portfolio with the profile of each investor in a 'tailor made' logic;
- Asset management;
- Investment opportunities and monitoring of underlying risks.

Customised Support to Immigration

Solutions for SME and Helplines

- Your contact in the banking and insurance business;
- Shaping the financial solutions best suited to each client;
- Rationalising costs and human resource management;
- Consolidation and reorganisation of liabilities;
- Definition of a strategy and its implementation;
- Sharing a high potential business network.

Solutions for the Corporate Segment

- Establishing investment options and appropriateness of financial solutions;
- Risk management and client monitoring;
- Rationalisation of costs and human resource management;
- Definition of a strategy;
- Support to internationalisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility
(Fridays, from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.)

- Provide FREE OF CHARGE advice, with prior booking with private entities or companies in financial difficulties;
- Support to the reorganization of debts.
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