The 21st Manager

The 21st Manager

In a situation where there is so much competition and intricacies, the Commercial Manager plays a decisive role in the private, commercial, corporate and SME areas, where a close relationship (devoid of promiscuity) and trust (professional ethics) are vital to success!

Therefore, and in order to add value to and be truly distinguishing for the client, the MANAGER must:

  • Continuously develop its commercial skills, through persuasion, strong intentions and assertiveness;
  • Have a pro-active attitude, mental coherence, initiative, organisational skills and service quality (getting it right the first time);
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the products and services, in order to properly advise the client (transparency);
  • Identify the investor’s profile, by strictly monitoring and planning its contacts;
  • Prepare a client profile sheet, continuously updating, valuing and adding to it;
  • Implement a strict time management system and feel strongly motivated to work on a business goal-driven basis;
  • Learn to use the customer relationship management, planning its contacts, developing after-sales service, finding out whether clients are satisfied, and implementing a preventive management system of their needs and encouraging the use of services;

In short, the client manager must stretch the strategic concept of NETWORK, by having a constant attitude of marketing, knowledge and a relationship with its clients based on trust, making each client a true ambassador of the excellence of its services.

Through this attitude, will, perseverance, resilience and efficient and effective work, the manager will be able to enhance its company’s branding, managing the business and generating profits for all stakeholders (partners, shareholders, employees and clients).

Finally a note on the inevitability of achieving success based on the sharing of information with other entities, the constant search for complementarities and business synergies and the mental availability for association and corporatism.

By Dr. António Araújo

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